Take In Public Art


As promised in last month's blog, now until the end of the year, I will be enjoying new experiences here in West Allis Downtown and sharing those experiences with you!

For my first Rediscover West Allis Downtown blog, I decided to take in some public art that was recently installed on Greenfield Avenue, our Art Bench Trail.


Now the Art Bench Project was taken on by our Design Committee as a way to at vibrancy and color to the downtown while supporting local artists. With help from the City of West Allis and other community businesses, we were able to make this idea a reality! To go above and beyond (as we tend to do here in West Allis Downtown), our committee added the extra challenge of having an original poem written that would be on the benches. But where do we find the poet?? Luckily, my good friend and Milwaukee Poet Keith Gaustad was up for the task, and wrote "You Are Going Somewhere".

Each of the nine benches had one line, which meant we had nine artists interpreting the poem! It was a huge task, but the artists had a great time.