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meet our staff

Executive Director

Emily Eineichner

Emily has been working for Downtown West Allis since 2011, taking over the role as Executive Director in 2024. As Executive Director, she is in charge in charge of filling vacancies, business retention, area beautification, any events that happen in the Downtown and marketing the businesses and area. She received her Associates degree in Marketing Management from MATC in 2013 and her Bachlors degree in Hospitality and Event Management from Concordia University in 2016.  Her main goal for West Allis Downtown is to show people that we are growing, but we don't have to be like everyone else to be a destination.

West Allis-002.jpg
Office Manager

Dianne Eineichner

Dianne has been with the organization since 2006. In 2009, she took on the role as Executive Director, and semi-retired as of January 2024.  The one thing she wants people to know about the downtown is that we are always here to help. We look at how something can be done rather than giving up thinking something can't be done.

Street Cleaner

Joe Palkowski

Joe has been keeping the streets of West Allis Downtown clean since 2013. He removes trash and weeds from the avenue, as well as removes snow from around the fire hydrants. Joe is a retired veteran who takes great pride in his work and his community. 

In addition to working for the downtown, Joe is available for small, odd jobs including snow shoveling, painting, tuck pointing, and more!

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