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Green Board

Meet Our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of business and property owners, citizens, and representitives from other West Allis organizations. These people volunteer their time to share their talents and ideas in an effort to keep West Allis Downtown the heart of the city, helping it grow, and keeping us true to our roots. 


Inc. President | (414) 258-2800

Doug Persich, DDS

"My goal for this organization is to foster a positive atmosphere for existing and new businesses to prosper and thrive"


Inc. Vice President | (414) 727-2222

Tom Miller

"An organization like Downtown West Allis is Important because it brings the community together towards a common goal"


Secretary | (414) 259-9161

Don Falk

"I joined the board of directors because I believe in Downtown West Allis. It's a quality location with quality shops"


Hawkins Clocks | (414) 258-1144

Gloria Hawkins

"A future project I want to see our organization take on is a jingle for the downtown that can be used on a multitude of marketing platforms and unify our advertising"


People's Bank-West Allis | (414) 485-6404

Barbara Jones

"An Organization like Downtown West Allis is Important Because it brings awareness to the small businesses in our city and creates a sense of community among our shop owners"


Citizen | (414) 800-7042

Robyn Krimke

"I believe the BID is a HUGE asset to not only the Downtown businesses but the entire Downtown area. The dedication of the BID is absolutely amazing and I am proud to have their involvement in our business"


BID Presidesnt | (414) 453-4610

Alex Geiger

"I joined the board of directors because the concept of a Business Improvement District was new in West Allis and I wanted to stay informed on what was developing in the Downtown."


BID Vice President | (414) 453-0770

Jackie Ellington

My goal for the Downtown West Allis Business Improvement District is to keep a safe and enjoyable atmoshpere for our current businesses, those interested in moving to West Allis Downtown and visitors/customers coming to visit one of many businesses, taking part in one of our events or just coming to check out Downtown West Allis.


Tresurer | (262) 696-7151

Tim Klare

"An organization like Downtown West Allis is important because it brings local businesses together and creates a unified voice and goal"

Joel Potter.jpg

Old National Bank-West Allis| (414) 978-0272

Joel Potter

The West Allis BID is important to me because the success of the businesses involved is vital to the success of every business. A healthy Downtown West Allis provides every business more opportunities and growth. We want to attract more business and people to West Allis where there is a lot to offer. Check us out, ask questions and see what we can do! You will want to be here and see it for yourself.

Jim M.jpg

Legacy Board Member

Jim Mejchar

"I joined the board of directors because I had recently retired as the Executive Director or the West Allis-West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce and I still wanted to be involved with the small businesses in the community"

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