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Seasonal Reset: Yoga and The Mind

For the privacy of those involved, stock pictures have been used

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. To some people, these are just words, but to 37% of Americans, these words are their life.

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, these feelings become even more prevalent in our day to day life (You've probably heard it referred to as "Seasonal Depression"). A majority of my friends and family suffer from one or all three of these feelings, so I decided to take action and get a group of us together to discover coping mechanisms and ways we can try to prevent the winter blues from hitting us too hard.

When it comes to finding easy way to boost your mood and/ or your health, there's one person in the Downtown I knew I had to turn to; Susie Melott, owner of Yoga Is Served- West Allis.

Yoga Is Served Website Photo- 7143 W Greenfield

When I brought up the idea to her, she was 100% on board right away. "I have been waiting five years for someone to ask me to do this class!" she replied, "It's why I started my yoga journey!"

So, one September Saturday, four of my friends and I met at Yoga Is Served to learn tips and tricks to manage our mental health. For $15, Susie created a 2 hour class that included discussion, yoga poses, and a dietary element, all geared towards helping us manage our mental health.

It was eye opening to see what triggered all of our moods. One friend had difficulty accepting that sometimes you need to put yourself first, while another was dealing with chronic illness. Susie was compassionate and listened to all of us to figure out the best way to help. The second portion of the course was what I was looking forward to the most. You might be thinking "No way. I'm not bendy enough or strong enough to hold yoga poses", but the great thing about all of the poses Susie taught us could all be done sitting in a chair! We learned various heart opening poses that boosted confidence and well as some grounding posses to bring us down during an anxiety attack. I can say in all honesty I have used the grounding poses at least once a week since the class.

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Chia Pudding Stock Photo

Lastly, the food element. When Susie suggested a food element to the course, I was a little hesitant, mostly because my diet is not the best, but I figured the best thing to do is try it and see what happens. Luckily, there was no kale or tofu, but instead a delicious blueberry maple chia seed pudding with granola and fruit toppings. Yes, chia seeds, like the little plants that grow out of terracotta animals, are surprisingly delicious. "Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants and protein, plus they fill you up" Susie explained.

Ultimately, taking a private course at Yoga Is Served taught me ways to take care of myself, but also know what steps to take to help my friends and family. The teachers at Yoga Is Served are very knowledgeable and I have total confidence they could create a custom class for you and your friends, depending on your needs. If you would like to set up a private class with Susie or any of the instructors at Yoga Is Served, visit the studio at 7143 W Greenfield Avenue or visit the contact page on their website.

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