Seasonal Reset: Yoga and The Mind

For the privacy of those involved, stock pictures have been used

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. To some people, these are just words, but to 37% of Americans, these words are their life.

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, these feelings become even more prevalent in our day to day life (You've probably heard it referred to as "Seasonal Depression"). A majority of my friends and family suffer from one or all three of these feelings, so I decided to take action and get a group of us together to discover coping mechanisms and ways we can try to prevent the winter blues from hitting us too hard.

When it comes to finding easy way to boost your mood and/ or your health, there's one person in the Downtown I knew I had to turn to; Susie Melott, owner of Yoga Is Served- West Allis.

Yoga Is Served Website Photo- 7143 W Greenfield