Not Just a Party: How Festivals & Events Impact the Community

A lot of people think our organization just plans festivals, but that's far from the truth. Though these events are the first impression a lot f people get of the downtown, their purpose lies deeper than providing a fun afternoon.

On average, the events held in West Allis Downtown bring 20,000 people to the area annually. The West Allis A La Carte and the Downtown West Allis Classic Car Show combined brought over 5,000 visitors from outside of Milwaukee County. The more out of town visitors an event brings in, the more new potential customers for our businesses in the Downtown or who are vending at the event. Out of town visitors also have a higher chance of spending the night at one of our hotels, increasing the amount of room tax dollars coming in to be used to promote more tourism to the city.

Thanks to Errin Welty and Adriana Saia from the Wisconsin Main Street Program, we were able to get a comprehensive report on specifically how our 2019 Downtown West Allis Classic Car Show impacted the community. The report outlined where people came from, how old they they found out about the event, and how much money they spent during the day.

60% of the people who attended this year's show spent less than $25 at the event; where as guests between the ages of 36 and 45 spent larger amounts of money at the show. The average amount of money spent by an attendee of the Classic Car Show on Oct