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New Year's Resolutions That Help Your Community

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

There are only a few days left in 2019, and a lot of people are looking to the future. Every year, we make resolutions that benefit us personally, and usually, we don't keep them. Rather than making yet another promise to ourselves to eat healthier or be better about saving money, why not make a resolution that not only helps you, but your community too?

Here are five easy goals you can set for yourself in 2020 to help you and your city.

1. Shop Local

We'll start with the most obvious goal. Shopping local not only keeps unique businesses open, but it supports local families since most of these shop owners live right here in West Allis! Also, according to the U.S Small Business Administration, 67 cents for every dollar spent locally gets reinvested into the community through donations, event sponsorship, or community improvements.

2. Volunteer

Can't give money? Give your time! There are tons of groups in West Allis looking for volunteers to do everything from community clean ups to bigger projects. You can revisit our Volunteerism Behind the BID interview for ideas on where you can help.

3. Vote Local

2020 is a big election year, but not just in the white house. This April, the mayor and our alderpersons will be up for re-election, and there are some new contenders this year. According to, local elections can affect school funding, property taxes, zoning, law enforcement, educational curriculum, city parks and recreation, local businesses, waste collection, sports arenas, public health, charity and benevolence, religious centers, and many more aspects of our daily lives. More information on local elections, voter registration status, and registering to vote can be found on the city's website or contacting City Clerk, Steve Braatz.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There is a lot of talk about global warming and the environment the past few months. There are so many different ways to be eco friendly and still support your local businesses. You can check out your city by foot or Bublr Bike, use one of the many reusable tote bags handed out at downtown events for your grocery shopping, or get a library card to borrow books, cds, dvds, and more rather than buy them!

5. Try New [To You] Things

We all have our West Allis go-tos, but in 2020, make a resolution to try new things in the city! Eat at a restaurant you've never been to, buy a cute gift from a shop you drive by but haven't gone into, take a class, or do whatever it takes to be a tourist in your own community! Be sure to share your experience on social media using #rediscoverwestallisdowntown or #thatswhywestallis to encourage others to check out all the great things happening not to far from home.

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