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It's Time We Rediscover West Allis Downtown

Have you ever played tourist in your own city? Maybe you’ve driven past a businesses a hundred ties and said “I should really try that place”? Well now’s your chance!

This past March, I attended the annual Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Tourism (WIGCOT), and the Secretary of Tourism Sara Meaney has issued a challenge. The challenge was to travel somewhere in Wisconsin you have never been before and explore that destination with the curiosity of a new visitor. Once we have visited the new place, we are supposed to send a post card from the city or town to the Wisconsin Department of Tourism with our experience and share our trip on social media using #curiouswi. I would like to issue a similar challenge to our readers, but rather than the whole state, I want you to explore West Allis Downtown!

I have issued this challenge to myself, and every month, I will write a blog based on a new experience right here in West Allis Downtown (maybe I’ll even bring some friends along for the ride)! Believe it or not, I have been working for this organization for eight years and I have yet to eat on the patio at Double B’s BBQ or throw clay at Cream City Clay!

So I encourage you, reader, to go into the shop you always pass or try a new dish at your favorite West Allis Downtown restaurant! Share your experience with us at @dwabid or use the hashtag #RediscoverWestAllisDowntown.

Share your experience with us before Saturday, November 30th to be entered to win an early Christmas Present from West Allis Downtown!

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