Fika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socialising than drinking coffee. And something sweet is also welcome.

Seven West Allis Establishments will be offering BOGO Fika Specials throughout Winter Week one day during normal business hours. 

Sunday, January 19

By One Cappuccino,
Get One Half Off!

George Webb Restaurant

7227 W Greenfield Avenue

Monday, January 20

Buy One Seasonal Latte, Get One Half Off!

Vida MKE
1205 S 70th Street

TUESDAY, January 19

Buy One Coffee or Tea

Get One Free

Steakhouse 100

7246 W Greenfield Avenue

WEDNESDAY, January 22

BOGO Mint Hot Chocolate, Get One Half Off

Urban Joe Cafe

7028 W Greenfield Avenue

THURSDAY, January 23

Buy One Seasonal drink, Get One Half Off!

Aggie's Bakery & Cakes

7328 W Greenfield Avenue

FRIDAY, January 24

BOGO Free Hot Drinks

Dopp's Bar and Grill 

1753 S 68th Street

Open at 7 AM for Breakfast

SATURDAY, January 25

BOGO Half Off Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mis Suenos Restaurant

7335 W Greenfield Ave

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